Homemade Pasta

Let's Eat!

Homemade Pasta Dough Ingredients:

4 Cups of flour (I like to use half semolina, half “Antimo Caputo 00”, but all-purpose will do just fine).
6 eggs
2 tablespoons olive oil (vegetable oil can be substituted)
1 tablespoon water

There are probably a thousand different ways to make pasta. As with pizza, they are all great, but some are better than others! If you make it fresh and cook it right it is hard to tell the difference between one recipe or the other. Any recipe you use will get better the more you do it because you will learn what you are “looking for”, as my grandmother used to say. The dough should end up soft but not sticky or wet. If the dough is too dry it will not rollout easily.

Homemade pasta dough can be used for many types of pasta and prepared in a countless number of dishes. This…

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