Let's Eat!

Those of you that know me well know that I love cooking tools. I’m not a big gadget guy, but I love quality tools, such at pots, pans, and especially knives. I don’t have many knives but I think a good chefs knife is the best tool a home cook can have. For years I’ve used the classic Wusthof knife and I’ve been very happy with how long they’ve lasted and how well they keep a sharp edge.


I’ve been wanting a new knife set for a while and have read many reviews and scoured many websites to get ideas and learn about new brands. While I was on vacation in Florida with friends we stopped by a food festival in St. John’s pass. While walking around trying out some great seafood  I bumped into a booth for Rhineland Cutlery. I absolutely loved the knives. The quality was amazing and…

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