Wild Pacific Coast Salmon

As most of you know I enjoy food and just about everything about it, but mostly the surprises that come with a good meal. I had the opportunity recently to visit California for a business meeting and I was surprised to get a culinary adventure. Not only was the food at the Lafayette Resort and Spa amazing, but we were treated to an amazing outdoor evening food adventure that I did not expect at Brad and Lisa Blackwells house in Danville, Ca.

This is a glimpse of the food from the hotel! An extraordinary seared tuna!


Most of you that follow my blog know I usually focus on recipes and instruction, but this post is more about the experience I had during my trip to the Lafayette, Ca area as well as the education I received about the difference in wild pacific coast salmon and the lower quality farm raised Atlantic coast salmon!

Brad opened our business meeting with a story about the qualities of a freshly caught wild pacific coast salmon and explained that we would be headed to his home for dinner that evening. As a product of the east coast I have eaten salmon all my life and thought I had some pretty good eats. I love all kinds of seafood and salmon sushi is a common occurrence for me. Brad made a point to establish wild pacific coast salmon as a gold standard over farm raised Atlantic coast salmon. I have to admit I was a skeptic.

When we arrived at Brad and Lisa’s house I immediately knew something special was about to happen. I wish I would have taken more pictures, but take my word for it, their house was built for entertainment. A truly special place. A foodie and entertainment paradise! Sundaywithachanceofmeatballs.com likes this place!

After mingling a bit, I made my way to the grill and asked if I could help. I have trouble not getting involved when cooking is going on so I figured why not go with it! Here is what I stepped up to…


Yes, wild pacific coast salmon marinating in a house made vinaigrette!

For those of the faint of heart…Brad had a good amount of tri-tip ready and perfectly grilled.


So….I’m sure you want to know….was there a difference in the wild pacific coast and my run of the mill farm raised low in omega 3 and 6 fatty acid Atlantic coast salmon?

Yes, the taste and texture of the salmon was the best I have ever eaten. I have read about the difference but never experienced it….I’ve been back in charlotte for a month and haven’t had Salmon since….I think Brad and Lisa have ruined my Salmon tastes for life!

Oh…by the way…the desserts were fantastic too!


I haven’t mentioned that I met some pretty amazing people during this trip too! Looking forward to working with this team more often!
















I have been to many business meetings in my career, but never before with such a great food experience! Thanks to Brad, Lisa and the entire Portfolio Lending leadership team!

Ciao! Mike.


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