Advantium or Not? Is Speed Cook a good thing?

My wife and I have been remodeling our kitchen. This is how we started…image

This is where we are. Not done yet, but getting there.


As part of the remodel, we chose a GE Profile Advantium double oven. It has a bottom oven that has conventional and convection cooking and lots of room. The top oven on the other hand, is new to us.  It features a microwave, which we love! and a convection, and this thing called “speed cook” that combines the microwave, the convection and a halogen light that seems to work magic. I have to admit, I was a skeptic. I am old school in terms of cooking method. I bake when baking is  required, I grill when it’s the right thing and I microwave certain things, but not often.

Tonight I decided to test the Advantium technology and here is how it turned out! I started out by seasoninng the steaks. I didn’t have to pre-heat the oven by the way.


All that is requiered is to use the plate that comes with the oven. Its big and can fit alot of food. This is an 8 oz steak and you can see there is alot of room left.


All you really have to do is folow the menu.  Selected a Strip steak and walked away.image

I peeked from time to time, but the oven stopped and asked me to turn the steak when it was ready, all I had to do was flip it and press start again.

I decided to check the done steak to see how well it was done…..


152 is pretty much perfectly medium.  After resting this is what is looked like.

imageFor my tastes it was a little too well done, but it was a perfect medium according to the temp.

I haven’t concluded, but the first test is amazing. The steak tasted like it was grilled and I  have to admit, it was better than most steaks I had grilled on my outside grill.  I will try a few more recipes and keep posting!!

Check out for more great recipes!!

Ciao Mike!


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