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This is my wife’s recipe and it’s become a go to salad in our house because it only takes minutes to make and it goes with so many different things! This can be a meal on its own or it can be served with a variety of seafood, chicken or beef dishes. It’s so versatile that it can round out an elegant meal or be served with hamburgers and hot dogs!


Tortellini Salad Ingredients:

16 oz cheese tortellini (the frozen packages will do fine!)
12 oz imitation seafood
1 cup frozen peas
1 large red bell pepper
8 oz block mozzarella cheese
1 cup mayonnaise
1 tbs lemon juice
Salt and pepper

Tortellini Salad preparation:

  • Chop the bell pepper into bite size pieces
  • Cut the mozzarella into small chunk
  • Chop the imitation seafood into pieces similar in size to the mozzarella and red peppers
  • Cook the tortellini in boiling water for…

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