Makin’ bacon!

A bad piece of bacon (yes, it’s possible) can ruin a dish as much as a good piece can enhance it!! I know this may seem basic, but bacon adds so much to many dishes that I don’t think it can be taken for granted. Bacon can be baked, microwaved, or cooked many other ways, but the best, most effective (in my opinion!), is to fry it, You could just throw it in a pan and fry it and it would be just fine, but I have found that if you spend time with it, care for it while it’s in the pan, you will get the best results.

The first thing you should do is select a good quality bacon. I Like the thick cut. It cooks more evenly and is much easier to handle. It can be more expensive, but I pick it up on sale. It keeps for months so why not?

Start by heating the frying pan on high for about a minute, then turn it down to medium/high. Add the bacon but don’t overcrowd it. 6-7 strips for a large size skillet. I added fresh cracked black pepper to mine! You will love it!


One key step is to turn the bacon as soon as it starts to fry. This stops it from curling and helps it to cook evenly!  (Add fresh cracked pepper again to get some great flavor!). Turn the bacon often to avoid burning and to ensure it cooks evenly. Don’t leave the stove. Be careful to ensure it doesn’t burn. (If you are lazy or busy doing other things, you can line a sheet pan with parchment and lay the bacon side by side and bake in the oven at 375 degrees’ – turn once about 8 minutes in and cook for 15-20 minutes-turning more often will get best results!, just like it is in a frying pan!).

When frying, move the inside strips to the outside to ensure even browning and crispness.

This step is key: only fry it until it starts to “froth”. You can see it in this picture!


Once they froth, remove them from the pan and let them sit on a paper towel for a few minutes! Turn them over when all are removed to minimize the grease!

Add the bacon to any of your favorite recipes. I added them to my turkey burger tonight! Low carb, delicious and flavorful!!


Ciao, Mike!


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