Chicken Panini (Guest Blogger Michala!)

Hey everyone, Michala here. I’m guest blogging for my dad today because he inspired me to start cooking and he also let me use his newest kitchen device before he got the chance to!

I decided to make Chicken Panini’s with two of my girlfriends because we recently got a new Panini press from Pampered Chef!


Chicken Panini Ingredients:

Olive oil
Chopped cooked chicken
Fresh mozzarella cheese

Chicken Panini Method:

Start by spreading olive oil on the inside of the bread. Place the bread in the grill pan or panini press with the olive oil side facing down. Put the panini press on top of the bread and let sit for 1-2 minutes, until the bottom is golden brown.


Then, take the bread out of the skillet and form the sandwhich. Add the mayo, cheese, chicken, and then tomato. You can also add red onion or anything else you’d like on your panini.


Place the panini back on the skillet with the panini press on top. Leave for a minute or two, until the bottom is golden brown.

pic 2

Then, flip the panini over so it is upside down and wait for the top piece to get golden brown also. When the cheese is melted and the bread is golden, remove it from the skillet and enjoy!


Ciao, Michala


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