Broccoli and Linguine

This is a dish that my sister Ruth..(she’s my sister in-law but might as well be my sister!) introduced my family to more than 20 years ago. It’s hard to call it a recipe because it’s so simple, but it is not only a family favorite, but a regularly requested part of special event and birthday meals. The key ingredient is Morton’s Seasoning, which I admittedly use often! If you are looking for a simple, delicious and go to dish, this is it.

Broccoli and Linguine Ingredients:
1 head broccoli – chopped
1 lb linguine (cook per package directions)
1 stick unsalted butter
2 TBlS olive oil (not in the original recipe)

Broccoli and Linguine Method:

Heat a large Skillet and add broccoli and butter until butter is completely melted.
Cover the broccoli with a good coating of Morton’s Seasoning (or a combo of onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper)


Cook the pasta per directions and top with the olive oil and a generous portion of Morton’s (or salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder).


Add a grilled chicken breast and a salad and enjoy!


Ciao! Mike.


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