Butter Poached Lobster

I love all kinds of seafood, especially shellfish. Among my favorites is lobster! I found a sale on lobster tail today so I decided to do butter poached lobster!  The fancy French name for the poaching liquid is, Beurre Monte’. I have modified the traditional approach by adding chicken broth to the liquid. A simple, but key part of making the poaching liquid is to start by putting 2 tablespoons of water in a saute pan and bringing it to a boil on medium heat. You need about one stick of butter per lobster tail. It sounds like a lot, but you won’t regret it! Cut the butter in one inch pieces. Add one piece at a time after the water  comes to a boil, and whisk continuously. After a few pieces of butter you can start to add multiple pieces at a time.


You’re looking for the butter to melt, but not break down. It should stay the same color as a cold stick of butter. Keep the heat on the lowest setting and allow the butter to melt slowly.   Don’t allow the butter to boil, it will break down the butter and ruin the poaching liquid.

After all the butter is melted, I add about half a cup broth, slowly while continuously whisking. This adds a flavor I like! You don’t need to do this, but it adds a texture and flavor that melts in your mouth!


Prep the lobster by cutting the shell and removing the meat.




Gently add the lobster to the pan. Keep the heat very low, and allow the lobster to poach.


This should take 5-7 minutes. While poaching is in progress, spoon the liquid on top of the lobster.


Once the lobster is cooked through, remove it from the liquid, add a little salt, black cracked pepper and enjoy!


Ciao, Mike!


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