Why I started this site!

My daughter Michala and I were eating dinner at Kyo in Charlotte and I was eating the best sushi roll I have ever eaten! The Maguro Madness (in the middle of the picture below) She said “do you ever stop thinking about food?”. That’s when I realized I needed to start a blog and begin to share the amazing food experiences I’ve had and get my family and friends to help create more! And so the sundaywithachanceofmeatballs.com site was born! Let’s Eat!


I ate at Kyo again tonight! The waitress Taylor has never eaten sushi so i enticed her into trying it!! she liked it!!


The chef and waiter Fairy and Martin are the best!



  1. Che cosa meravilgliosa, Mike! Mi piace molto il cibo italiano!!! I look forward to your blog and recipes. I, too, love to cook — and have a flair for the Italian thanks to an old fiance from Bari, who loved to cook (parents from Bari/Calabria — he now lives in Rome). Though, he would not allow anyone in the kitchen, I did manage to steal a couple of recipes 😉
    Molto successo con questo progetto!!!
    Abracci, Nori!


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