Why I started this site!

My daughter Michala and I were eating dinner at Kyo in Charlotte and I was eating the best sushi roll I have ever eaten! The Maguro Madness (in the middle of the picture below) She said “do you ever stop thinking about food?”. That’s when I realized I needed to start a blog and begin to share the amazing food experiences I’ve had and get my family and friends to help create more! And so the sundaywithachanceofmeatballs.com site was born! Let’s Eat!




  1. Che cosa meravilgliosa, Mike! Mi piace molto il cibo italiano!!! I look forward to your blog and recipes. I, too, love to cook — and have a flair for the Italian thanks to an old fiance from Bari, who loved to cook (parents from Bari/Calabria — he now lives in Rome). Though, he would not allow anyone in the kitchen, I did manage to steal a couple of recipes 😉
    Molto successo con questo progetto!!!
    Abracci, Nori!


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